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Useful Exercises for Seniors

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Exercise plays a major role in your overall well-being, especially as you age. Taking part in health and wellness programs designed especially for seniors can help you feel your best and stay active longer so you can get the most out of your senior years. What are the best exercises for seniors, and how can you prevent yourself from injury? Learn how you can use exercise to promote longevity while minimizing the risk of injury.

Getting older does not mean you have to live a sedentary lifestyle. Buckner Calder Woods offers premium amenities to support senior health and wellness. Whether you prefer to exercise solo at our fitness center or join in on one of our group exercise classes, we have fitness options you are sure to love. Call us today at 409.407.7636 to schedule a tour so you can check out our health and wellness amenities and see how Buckner can help you enjoy a happy, healthy senior lifestyle.

How to Stay Fit in Your Senior Years

As you age, your body will change, and you may not be able to do all the things you used to. But that does not mean you cannot stay fit and healthy as a senior. To help maximize your ability to stay active, you need to address certain areas of fitness. The most important components of senior physical fitness are:

  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Mobility

Exercises for seniors that enhance these features can help you get the most out of your retirement years. They will allow you to maintain an active lifestyle and help prevent falls or other injuries so you can spend more time enjoying life and less time recovering from it.

What Are the Best Types of Exercises for Seniors?

The best exercises for you will change as you age. Gone are the days of intense workouts with heavy weights. Your fitness goals will likely change too. You may not be as interested in building large muscles or getting washboard abs. Instead, the best exercises for seniors are those that help you feel good and stay active. Some of the best types of exercises for seniors are:


Walking is a great way to stay healthy and active as you age. It is easy on the joints, improves heart health, reduces the risk of diabetes, and improves mental well-being.


Yoga is excellent for supporting balance, strength, and flexibility. Additionally, it can improve posture, relieve stress, and help with chronic pain. It is also a low-impact exercise that can be done safely by anyone at any age. There are plenty of modifications you can make when practicing yoga so that it matches your physical abilities. Yoga is one of the top balance exercises for seniors to help reduce the risk of falls.


Swimming is perfect if you experience chronic pain or discomfort from conditions like arthritis, rheumatism, or fibromyalgia. Exercising in water helps take the pressure off your joints, making it easier to move around. Swimming also helps with balance, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a gentle form of martial arts that focuses on balance and flexibility. It is low impact and features slow, gentle movements, making it suitable for people with limited mobility.

Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance bands are inexpensive, portable, and easy to use. They are great for people with limited mobility or who want to work out at home. Resistance bands are perfect for building strength and flexibility without requiring heavy weights.

Stay Fit with Senior Health and Wellness Programs at Buckner Calder Woods

Staying healthy as an older adult is easy when you live at Buckner Calder Woods. We offer a wide range of health and wellness activities, so our residents have plenty of options. Call us today at 409.407.7636 to learn more about our fitness center and schedule of exercise classes.