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senior transportation services beaumont txGetting to and from places can become more challenging as you get a little older. Whether you have an appointment with your doctor, you need to go to the store, or you want to attend religious services, finding transportation can be an inhibitor to living the life you want to live. In addition to our other resident lifestyle services, the Calder Woods Senior Living team is proud to provide transportation for seniors. We proudly offer a range of senior transportation services in Beaumont, TX, ensuring that our residents can get where they need to go. For more information about our services, please call Calder Woods today at 409.407.7636.

The Importance of Senior Transportation Services

Many older adults find themselves unable to drive anymore. Slower reflexes and worsening eyesight may prevent them from confidently taking the wheel. Additionally, driving can be fraught with danger for those with memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. However, at times, friends and family members may not be able to drive their loved ones around, making trips to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, and other errands less likely. In time, the inability to drive can lead to worsening physical, mental, or emotional health.

Who Can Access Transportation for Seniors at Calder Woods?

Any member of the Calder Woods community can access our transportation services for seniors. These services can help you safely and securely get to medical appointments, attend religious services, or visit friends and family members. We try to offer a high level of flexibility to our residents.

Our transportation services offer you a range of benefits, such as:

  • Getting exceptional respect and service from our team of drivers
  • Knowing that you have support and assistance available without having to rely on your loved ones
  • Getting help when you need it, regardless of your mobility issues
  • Having confidence that you’ll be able to safely and comfortably get to your appointments, especially if you’ve put off going to them for a while

Are There Emergency Transportation Services Available?

Our transportation services are available to our residents at any time of day. However, if you live in our community and you’re experiencing a medical emergency, you don’t have to rely on our transportation services. With skilled nurses and a medical team in many of our communities, we can provide treatment for many of our clients’ needs. That said, if you do require emergency medical care, our team will help you get to the hospital safely and quickly.

Learn More About the Services at Calder Woods Senior Living Today

At Calder Woods Senior Living, we are committed to serving our residents in the best way possible. We offer relationship-centered hospitality, bringing joy to our residents, family members, and volunteers. Therefore, when you require our transportation services, we provide this support with a smile. We take the initiative and accept responsibility for your safety throughout your stay in our community. We respect the individual rather than just the names on the door. We seek to understand your situation and make your life as easy as possible.

At Calder Woods Senior Living, we strive to uphold five Buckner Core Principles — services, security, independence, purpose, and connections. Our transportation services fulfill the service and security principles, and our other services help us achieve the other three principles. For instance, our additional resident lifestyle services include:

  • Resident programs
  • Health and wellness services
  • Transportation services
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Medication management

Let us help you stay healthy, happy, and excited about life. Reach out to Calder Woods Senior Living today by calling 409.407.7636 to learn more about transportation for seniors and our other services.