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Buckner Promises

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buckner core principlesAfter several decades of serving the Beaumont, Texas community, we have come to realize that each person who comes to Calder Woods Senior Living is unique. Each member of our community has different likes, dislikes, hobbies, and tastes. Fortunately, we are proud to serve each of these people. We offer a variety of programs in our community, each of which must fulfill one of our five Buckner Core Principles. These senior living Core Principles serve as the guideposts for the Buckner philosophy, giving us goals to strive for each day. To learn more about how our principles help to increase community connection at Buckner Calder Woods or about our senior activities in Beaumont, Texas, please get in touch with us today at 409.407.7636.

What Are the Buckner Promises

The Buckner Core Principles are five outstanding promises that we make to each member of our community every day.


One of our Buckner Core Principles is to be of service to others. The highest reward to the staff at Calder Woods is helping someone, making them smile, and putting them at ease. Calder Woods residents know there’s always someone available to listen and help.

To ensure you know everything is taken care of, we have a program called Signature Buckner Hospitality, which includes:

  • 5-STAR customer service
  • Lifestyle and wellness programming
  • Housekeeping and linen services
  • Maintenance-free lifestyle
  • Salon/spa services
  • Transportation services
  • Expert medical care
  • Specialized care plans for each resident

We serve each member of our community with all the grace and care they deserve.


At Calder Woods, senior safety is a critical part of our community. Because we are responsible for hundreds of residents and staff, we work to prepare for every contingency. We regularly go over and practice all our plans to ensure we’re always ready for any medical emergency or natural disaster.

If the unthinkable happens and you suddenly need additional care, we offer a full continuum of on-site options. These services cover everything from help with daily activities to maintain your independence to specialized long-term round-the-clock care for a variety of conditions, including Alzheimer’s or dementia.


As one of our Buckner Core Principles, Calder Woods works to encourage independence and growth for our community. We offer a variety of floor plans and flexible dining options, as well as activities and services, programs, and amenities. We will also create a personalized plan that will let you have as much independence and freedom as possible.


Now is the time to pursue one of your long-term interests or experience something new. However, there’s never been a better way to start than by making a move to Calder Woods, where purpose is one of our Core Principles.

Here you’ll discover an exciting lifestyle that adds value to your life. We feature various programs and events along with exciting neighbors who are just as excited about this new journey as you are.

We encourage you to pursue your lifelong learning goals at one of the local colleges or universities. For instance, you may want to take an art history class or begin working on your short story skills. As a partner in Buckner International Ministries, we can also provide you with travel and volunteer opportunities around the globe.


We know it’s essential to surround yourself with a community of friends. At Calder Woods, connection is a vital Core Principle. We believe that when you live in an active and social community surrounded by neighbors enjoying life, it’s hard not to make a friend or ten.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an outgoing person, we offer a variety of clubs, committees, senior activities, and faith-based services. Furthermore, we have partnerships with local community organizations and school volunteer programs, and you can make spiritual connections through our faith-based service. All you have to do is follow your interests, and you’re sure to find someone who shares it.

Consider Calder Woods Senior Living

At Calder Woods Senior Living, we are committed to helping each person in our community thrive. To learn more about how our senior living Core Principles promote this goal, please reach out to 409.407.7636 today. We’d love to discuss our senior activities in Beaumont, Texas, or schedule a tour so you can see for yourself.