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Educational Programs

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education programsJust because you’ve finished school and have retired from the job doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. We at Buckner Calder Woods feel it’s never too late to learn something new. Many people retire, and they cease learning and growing. It’s possible that late-life learning can help reduce depression, anxiety, and dementia. According to studies, reading, writing, and acquiring new skills later in life can decrease depressive symptoms. Continuing education might assist seniors in finding their interests, staying connected with the outside world, and thriving throughout retirement. As a result, Buckner Calder Woods residents enjoy a wide range of activities and programs to engage them in enriching social interactions. Many also participate in educational opportunities to help them discover and pursue their interests. Our educational programs for seniors can provide the tools you need to thrive in your golden years.

Call Buckner Calder Woods at 409.407.7636 if you and your loved ones are seeking senior living that prioritizes resident programs. Our senior living communities in Texas provide educational activities and luxury retirement homes for folks throughout the state. Reach our staff now to find the right faith-based senior community for you at 409.407.7636

Find New Passions with Educational Clubs for Seniors at Buckner Calder Woods

Residents are kept engaged by educational organizations and classes. Residents of Buckner Calder Woods learn and develop with their community, whether they’re learning new skills or studying through our local colleges’ programs. Seniors may participate in educational clubs for the following reasons:

  • Lower levels of physical pain
  • Increased dexterity
  • Renewed interest in hobbies
  • Improved physical health
  • Connection and community
  • Improved mental health
  • Lower risk of dementia
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Lower risk of depression

Senior adults may participate in educational organizations and continuing education to focus on things they enjoy while still learning new talents in low-stress settings. The residents at Buckner Calder Woods encourage one another to explore lifelong ambitions, such as writing their first novel or memoir, by inspiring one other.

Residents at Buckner Calder Woods Love Connecting Through Educational Clubs

Continuing education through educational clubs is a fun way to learn. Residents at Buckner Senior Services incorporate their interests and faith through our organizations, engaging in creative arts, crafts, writing, reading, and learning new talents. Learning is never restricted in Buckner Senior Services communities due to a large library.

Engage with Educational Programs at Calder Woods in Beaumont, Texas

The residents of Calder Woods enjoy being able to share their interests with one another. Through our educational clubs, group excursions, and other home programs, our residents enjoy supporting and encouraging one another in the pursuit of their passions. Our active senior living facility puts people first. In Beaumont, Calder Woods has easy access to nearby eateries, businesses, faith communities, and parks. Gulf Terrace is a quick drive away, with beautiful views and walking trails. The recreational activities at Calder Woods encourage individuals to get involved with their interests while also providing access to the Gulf Coast and Houston.

Learn More at Buckner Calder Woods

Retirement should never be the end of learning. Our luxury senior living communities at Buckner Calder Woods keep our residents educated and interested through faith-based living.

Our team is also dedicated to ensuring that our residents live happy, healthy lives. We understand how to balance care and support for senior living while still allowing independence. Our services include:

  • Independent living  
  • Assisted living  
  • Memory care 
  • Physical therapy  
  • Occupational therapy  
  • Speech therapy  
  • Medication management 
  • Short-term rehabilitation therapy
  • Long-term skilled nursing care
  • Respite care

Find the Right Buckner Calder Woods Community for You Today

We at Buckner Calder Woods think that anything is possible. In one of our senior living residences, renew your sense of purpose now. Discover your passion in the Buckner community, which offers inspiring, faith-based living. To discover more about the educational programs available at our senior living communities, please contact us immediately at 409.407.7636.