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Benefits of Long Term Care

staff member at facility explaining the benefits of long term care to an elderly woman

Long-term care facilities provide much-needed assistance and support for seniors and their families. Seniors can enjoy their golden years without worrying about the day-to-day responsibilities of living independently while still maintaining their independence. Their families benefit from the peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe and happy in a quality facility. Find out if long-term services for seniors can help you or someone you love get more enjoyment out of their senior years.

At Buckner Calder Woods, we understand how crucial it is to find the right level of care as you age. You may not want to rely on your loved ones to assist with daily living tasks, but you also realize that you need a little help each day. Our long-term assisted living services can provide you with the help you need while also allowing you to live independently in our facility. With Buckner, you are sure to find the right balance of independence and assistance. Call us today at 409.407.7636 to learn more about our long-term services for seniors and discover which of our programs may be right for you.

Benefits of Long-Term Care for Seniors

One of the most important choices you may make in your senior years is whether to age in place or move to a senior community. Here are some benefits of long-term care for seniors to consider when making your decision:

Long-term care allows seniors to age in comfort.

Seniors can live independently, in their homes, or in a retirement community. Choosing long-term assisted living services offers the extra help needed with daily activities, so you do not have to give up your independence or everyday comforts.

Long-term care provides seniors with companionship and social interaction.

Long-term assisted living allows seniors to enjoy the company of others, have a sense of community, and not feel isolated. Additionally, they often have someone nearby to talk to, which is especially important for those who are housebound or bedridden.

Seniors are less likely to struggle with loneliness in long-term care facilities.

Social interaction is vital for seniors, who tend to be more isolated than younger people. As you age, it is common for friends and family members to move away or pass away. This can leave you with fewer opportunities for socialization. Long-term care for seniors provides a structured environment where you can stay active and engaged in the community around you. You will have access to daily activities that help you interact socially with other residents.

Long-term assisted living services give you access to daily assistance from trained staff.

Staff at a long-term assisted living facility can help with activities of daily living (ADLs) like bathing, dressing, and eating. They can also help with medication management and monitor your health for any changes.

Does Your Loved One Need Long-Term Assisted Living Services?

It can be hard to decide whether to move your loved one into long-term care for seniors. The following are signs that your loved one may be a good candidate for long-term assisted living services:

  • They are showing signs of memory or cognitive impairment.
  • They need help remembering to take their medication.
  • They need assistance with daily tasks like grooming and eating.
  • They are unable to live on their own.
  • They struggle with routine chores like grocery shopping, driving, cooking, cleaning, and paying bills.

Long-term care for seniors can benefit older adults and their families. In addition to providing seniors with companionship, social interaction, and access to medical services, long-term care facilities offer healthy meals and other amenities to support health and wellness. Choosing long-term care for a senior in your life can give you the peace of mind that they will be well taken care of in a safe, welcoming environment.

Buckner Calder Woods: Long-Term Assisted Living Services in TX

The decision to move a loved one into long-term care is never easy. But with the help of long-term assisted living services at Buckner Calder Woods, families can rest assured that their loved ones are receiving the best possible care in a beautifully landscaped, friendly community. Call us today at 409.407.7636 to learn about the services offered in our long-term care facility.