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About Calder Woods

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about buckner calder woodsThe senior living community at Calder Woods is not like other communities, nor are we like the retirement homes you may have visited in the past. We work hard to provide our residents with the best possible care and experiences. When you come to live in our senior living community, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with a group of people who have goals and dreams just like you. We will help you reach those goals and give you the chance to make a difference to those around you. 

Do you want to learn more about Calder Woods or visit our retirement community in Beaumont, Texas? Call 409.407.7636 or use our convenient online form to reach out to one of our caring team members.

Who Is Calder Woods?

Calder Woods is a division of Buckner Retirement Services, a faith-based nonprofit senior living provider. As such, we don’t just care about how we care for our residents or what we do. We truly care about why we serve. Our community is full of passionate men and women who view their positions, either as residents or as staff, as their calling. Our staff members are motivated to serve older adults with perseverance and excellence because they see the job as part of a greater mission.

Buckner Retirement Services is also part of a larger community. We are an integral part of Buckner International, so both our residents and our staff members can serve alongside others in a wide array of roles. For instance, our residents run backpack drives for foster kids around the state of Texas and host holiday gatherings and other special events for children and families in our communities.

At Buckner Retirement Services, we work to uphold five core principles, which are:

These five core principles guide what we do each day and how we serve our residents.

What Can Residents Expect at Calder Woods?

When older adults come to live at Calder Woods, they find a vibrant, active, and independent lifestyle. Each person in our senior living community is continuously moving as they participate in our lifestyle programs, events, and outings, thereby maximizing their experiences each day.

When you’re at Calder Woods, you’re free to enjoy whatever lifestyle you’d like. For instance, there are plenty of opportunities to make friends with other residents if you enjoy mingling with other people with similar experiences, likes, and dislikes. Conversely, if you’re someone who prefers peace and quiet, your comfortable apartment home gives you a place to read, surf the internet, or even take a nap. In addition, to help residents stay fit and active, we offer a variety of community wellness programs which are available to individuals of all abilities and restrictions.

One of the best things about Calder Woods is that residents consider each other to be friends and family. They have the opportunity to exercise, laugh, dine, and be together each day.

Schedule a Visit with Calder Woods

When you contact Calder Woods, you can expect to receive our five-star signature hospitality. Our team is here to serve you with a unique experience from the moment you come to visit us. We also get to know our residents as individuals, learning about their unique experiences and interests.

Our retirement community in beautiful Beaumont, Texas, offers a variety of care options, including:

When you’re ready to learn more about Calder Woods, we are only a phone call away.

Call 409.407.7636 to schedule a visit today.