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Chaplaincy Program

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senior living chaplaincy programFaith-based senior resident programs are increasingly popular. In fact, most non-profit senior living communities are rooted in religious faith, whether Christian, another denomination, or non-denominational. These trends indicate the value of a religious assisted living facility to many seniors.

Calder Woods is the only non-profit, faith-based senior living community in Beaumont, TX, filling an important niche in our area.

If you would like to learn more about Calder Woods, our chaplain program, or other aspects of our faith-based community, please do not hesitate to reach out by calling 409.407.7636 or using our online form. We can answer your questions and share the many benefits offered at Calder Woods.

Benefits of a Faith-Based Senior Living Community

For people in this unique period of life, the transition to a retirement community can be exciting and liberating but also stressful. The unknown usually is. Imagine the comfort and reassurance you will feel knowing you’re moving to a community that is centered in faith. Our community has a senior living chaplain program, faith-based events, and social opportunities, as well as the chance to worship with like-minded people.

Some of the benefits of a faith-centered resident program for seniors include:

A Sense of Familiar Belonging

Finding a niche that fits is a comfort that we feel from childhood throughout life. The familiarity of a faith community will give you a sense of belonging from day one. You’ll know going in that you share values and traditions with your neighbors.

Ready-Made Support

Whether during the potentially emotionally challenging transition from your home to a senior community or any other challenging passage you may face in life, the support of faith communities is legendary. It’s always the people you know from church who check on you when you’re sick, bring you a casserole after a loss, and visit you when you are in need. Now those people will live beside and around you, ready to lend a hand and ear when needed.

Opportunities to Become Involved

You’ll have opportunities to engage in Bible study groups, church choirs, and volunteer opportunities within and outside the community. Furthermore, more open doors will be yours in a community based on a faith system’s welcoming and inclusive principles.

Like-Minded Neighbors

A community that is based on faith will highlight values that you share, such as compassion, fellowship, community, volunteerism, and stewardship. What could be more comfortable and joyful?

Benefits of Our Senior Living Chaplains

Chaplains play a key role in a religious assisted living facility or community. A chaplaincy program in a retirement community provides spiritual guidance, pastoral care and guidance, and emotional support.

If your faith has been a centerpiece of your life, having access to a compassionate community led by one or more experienced chaplains will be a comfort and solace to you. However, many people don’t really discover the importance religion can have for them until later in life. Thus, even if you are at the beginning of your faith journey, a chaplaincy program within a faith-based retirement community may be perfect for you. You’ll have many guiding hands and hearts to usher you toward your spiritual destination.

 Learn More at Buckner Calder Woods

Calder Woods is one of the Buckner Retirement Services facilities in Texas. Our community relies on both the values of religious faith and the Buckner core principles, which are:

  • Connection
  • Independence
  • Purpose
  • Security
  • Service

Calder Woods is a profoundly welcoming, warm, safe, and lovely community. You can easily pursue your faith convictions to the extent that is comfortable and meaningful for you.

To learn more about our faith-based retirement resident program and senior living chaplain program, reach out today.

Call 409.407.7636 or fill out our online form to contact someone who can answer your questions.