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5 Benefits of Respite Care

senior living community staff member attending to senior citizen enjoying the 5 benefits of respite care

Caring for a senior is an honorable job, whether you are an employee or a family member. Your help allows seniors to live their best quality of life as they age. In some cases, this also enables seniors to remain in their homes where they may feel most comfortable. However, knowing that a senior relies on you for help with activities of daily living can make it challenging for you to take time off. The benefits of respite care can provide the assistance your senior needs while giving you a break to take care of yourself.

At Buckner Calder Woods, we offer comprehensive respite care services. We realize the importance of taking time off to attend to your own needs, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do so. All seniors in our respite care program receive the same care and attention as our full-time residents. Your loved one will enjoy respite care benefits such as participating in social activities, dining on tasty, nutritious meals, and relaxing in safe, comfortable accommodations. Call us today at 409.407.7636 to learn more or schedule a tour of our community.

What Is Respite Care?

If you care for a senior and have never sought outside help, you may not be familiar with respite care. Respite care is a Senior Living option that provides temporary care for seniors. It can be scheduled in advance or emergency care for several hours, days, or weeks. You may be wondering why someone would need respite care. To better understand the need for this type of senior assistance, ask yourself the following:

  • Have you ever been sick but did not stay home to rest because you needed to care for your loved one?
  • Have you ever put off appointments because you did not have someone else to care for your senior?
  • Do you need surgery or another medical procedure but are delaying it because you do not want your loved one to be without assistance while you recover?
  • Has it been a long time since you have taken a vacation because you do not want to leave your senior without help?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you can see how respite care can benefit you and your loved one.

5 Benefits of Respite Care

1. Guilt-Free Time off for Caregivers

Many caregivers feel guilty about taking time off because they do not want their loved one to go without daily help. Unfortunately, this leads to burnout. Choosing a high-quality respite care program can alleviate your guilt and help you feel more comfortable taking a break from your caregiving responsibilities.

2. Socialization

Seniors are prone to isolation, impacting those caring for seniors. Respite care allows your loved one to socialize with their peers while allowing you to spend time with family and friends to prevent unhealthy isolation.

3. Mental Health Support

Caregiving can be mentally taxing, no matter how much you love the person. Respite care can give you a break to attend to your mental health through self-care, relaxation, and a change of scenery.

4. Stress Relief

If you care for a senior full-time without adequate breaks, you can quickly become stressed and more vulnerable to self-medication with drugs, alcohol, or other unhealthy habits. Respite care can help prevent stress from building up.

5. Improved Physical Health

When the responsibility for a loved one is all on you, it can be tough to follow through on your own care. You may delay medical appointments, surgeries, or procedures, leading to worsened conditions. Respite care allows you to take time off to stay on top of your own physical health.

Who Are Good Candidates for the Benefits of Respite Care?

Respite care is beneficial for both caregivers and seniors. Good candidates for respite care include:

  • Full-time caregivers who need a break to attend to their own needs or spend time with family and friends.
  • Seniors who want to socialize with peers and participate in engaging activities.
  • Seniors whose primary caregiver is unavailable due to illness, vacation, or other reasons.

Respite care can also be helpful for seniors recovering from surgery or illness who need temporary assistance before returning home. Additionally, it can provide a trial period for seniors considering senior living options such as assisted living or memory care.

Find Respite Care Benefits You Can Trust at Buckner Calder Woods

You can feel comfortable leaving your beloved senior in Buckner Calderwood’s respite care program. They will enjoy all the benefits of respite care, where their needs are met while you rest and recharge. Seniors receiving respite care in our community are treated the same as our permanent residents. Take time off while your senior enjoys all the amenities and social activities at our luxury Senior Living Community. Reach out to us today at 409.407.7636 or online to schedule a consultation.