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How We Encourage Senior Learning Through Senior Education Programs

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Learning is lifelong, not a task that a person completes in the first 21 years of life. Through experience and continued reading and study, people learn throughout their lives by asking questions and challenging their assumptions, and in many cases, through some form of formal education. Educational programs in a senior retirement community have great value because seniors love to learn. In addition, the opportunity to learn has value beyond self-fulfillment in areas of mental and physical health. There is no downside to senior learning.

Are you interested in what you can learn in our Senior Living Community? Give the Calder Woods team a call at 409.407.7636 to discover more about our educational programs for seniors, or you can fill out our online form, and we’ll reach out to you.

Why Are Senior Education Programs Important?

Body and mind are inextricably linked. We know that a healthy body bolsters the health of the mind. The reverse is also true. The brain’s plasticity is connected to learning, memory, and responding to stimuli or the things happening around a person. You can think of the brain as a quickly responding organ that functions without conscious effort to allow people to do everything from remembering where they left their wallet to learning new information and skills. As the brain loses that plasticity during the aging process, memory gradually becomes less reliable, and recall happens a bit more slowly. People often become more frustrated when trying to learn new things and even fearful of mastering new skills. Think about the last time your grandchild tried to explain TikTok to you, or you tried to learn how to do something new on your computer.

Though the loss of neuroplasticity is normal, you don’t want to let the process have its way with you. There are things you can do to slow it down. One of those is learning new things. You can keep the doors open to new information, skills, ideas, and theories by taking a class, attending lectures, or participating in discussion groups and educational clubs.

In addition to brain health, continued commitment to learning and education has the following beneficial effects as well:

  • Increased dexterity, both mentally and physically.
  • Health benefits, so as the mind engages, the body follows.
  • Renewed hope and interest because the mind awakens, and you awaken to possibility and purpose.
  • Community involvement offers educational programs for seniors that often take place in groups of individuals with similar interests.
  • Improved mental health, as depression and anxiety are reduced among those actively learning.
  • Reduced risk of dementia by keeping the brain elastic and engaged

Senior Learning Classes and Other Educational Opportunities at Calder Woods

There are a few ways that you can engage in continuing education at Calder Woods. One way is by offering educational clubs and opportunities right in our community to learn from speakers and one another.

Another option is part of a Texas program that encourages people over 65 to continue their education. The program allows senior citizens to audit college classes free of charge. In Beaumont, our local Lamar University participates in this program. Interested senior citizens can take up to six hours a semester as long as space is available.

Keep Learning at Calder Woods

Don’t let the number of birthdays you’ve celebrated be a reason to slow down. Keeping body and mind fit and agile is a goal for these retirement years, as are other benefits of senior living in a vibrant Senior Living Community that offers countless opportunities.

Whether you want to learn Tai Chi to improve balance and mindfulness or Chinese philosophy to enhance knowledge and curiosity, you can do that no matter what age you are. Reach out to Calder Woods today to find out how you can keep learning through your golden years. Contact us via online form or call 409.407.7636. We can answer all your questions and get you excited about our Senior Education Programs.