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What Group Outings Do We Offer at Buckner Calder Woods?

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Field trips to the apple orchard may sound like a first-grade activity, but there are just as many 65-year-olds picking honey crisps in the fall as there are six-year-olds. In other words, everyone loves an outing, regardless of age. In a well-managed senior living community, group outings will be regularly scheduled, and group activities for seniors will be a high priority. Regardless of your mobility or interests, Calder Woods will make sure you get to participate in as many group outings as you wish.

To speak to one of our staff about the kinds of offerings we have each day and week throughout the year, reach out today. You can use our online form or call us at 409.407.7636. Our group activities for the elderly include on-site classes, committees, clubs, and fabulous day trips to a range of places of local interest. Specific activities for the elderly during COVID-19 are a priority for keeping our residents safe while they stay engaged.

Why Group Activities for Seniors Are Important

Some people fear that life in a senior retirement community will be isolating and result in a loss of engagement with the world. However, at Calder Woods, we understand that interactions with other people and the community keep our residents happy and healthy.

Exploring the local community by participating in group outings helps residents:

  • Avoid loneliness
  • Meet new people
  • Learn and explore
  • Re-engage with interests that may have lapsed
  • Discover new interests
  • Maintain mental and physical health
  • Reduce the risk of dementia

Group transportation to numerous locations in our lovely river valley can connect you to missionary and spiritual organizations, social activities, museums, parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and much more. Beaumont is a bustling South Texas city filled with places of interest.

The Best Activities for Seniors

Rewarding outings will include those that keep residents connected to their interests, one another, and their faith community. They will satisfy a quest for learning and a longing to perform compassionate acts of service. Plus, they’ll be fun, engaging, and gratifying.


In Beaumont, there are numerous museums to engage, educate, and enlighten.

  • McFaddin-Ward House
  • Spindletop Gladys City/Boomtown Museum
  • Texas Energy Museum
  • Art Museum of Southeast Texas
  • Dishman Art Museum
  • Beaumont Police Department Museum
  • Fire Museum of Texas
  • Clifton Steamboat Museum
  • Dutch Windmill Museum


Beautiful outdoor spaces in Beaumont provide opportunities for fresh air, walks, and communing with nature. A few are listed here:

  • Tyrrell Park, where you’ll find the botanical gardens and the Warren Loose Conservatory
  • Cattail Marsh Scenic Wetlands and Boardwalk
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
  • Collier’s Ferry Park


Whether you enjoy strolling through the mall or a local neighborhood to shop and people-watch, Beaumont has great options for you. For example:

  • Down to Earth offers a range of local handmade products for home and body.
  • Cavender’s Boot City is ideal for your cowboy attire.
  • Burn’s Antik Haus offers European antiques for that perfect accent piece.
  • Urban Habitat is an upscale flea market for treasures and keepsakes.
  • Build-a-Bear Workshop is the perfect outing with grandchildren

Places of Worship

You can find a worship community that aligns with your beliefs and values in Beaumont. Below are just a few:

  • One City Church, a revivalist Christian church
  • St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica, a Catholic congregation
  • Calvary Church, Baptist worship in Beaumont
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Temple Emanuel, a local reformed synagogue

As you can see, the list of fabulous destinations in Beaumont is long. In addition to the above, there are restaurants, theaters, libraries, and more.

Enjoy Group Outings and Activities at Calder Woods

At Calder Woods, we are dedicated to your satisfaction and well-being. Our commitment to providing enriching activities and opportunities to you or your senior loved one is without question.

Find out more about the many offerings at Calder Woods. We are eager to answer any questions you have. Just reach out today via online form or phone 409.407.7636.