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How Senior Living Services Are Evolving

A senior thinking about how senior living services are evolving

Today’s senior living communities are not like they used to be. Seniors are living longer, healthier lives, and that means senior living services are evolving to allow for a more enriching experience. Along with essential medical and therapeutic care, communities are adding holistic and wellness programs, nutritious meal plans, and more learning opportunities and social activities to enhance seniors’ lives.

At Calder Woods, our senior living community features a full complement of fun and engaging activities to give our residents the retirement they have always dreamed about. We work closely with new residents to create a senior living plan that incorporates quality medical and therapeutic care along with other senior services, like exercise and wellness programs, on-site spa and beauty services, a unique culinary experience, and other personal services and amenities.

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What Kind of Senior Living Services Should You Expect?

Senior living communities create a safe environment for seniors of all activity levels. They are not just for seniors who need round-the-clock care or are approaching their end. They are also for seniors who are active and thriving and want to maintain their freedom while still being close to their friends, peers, and quality medical care.

Full-service communities, like Calder Woods, include independent and assisted living homes that come with several essential medical and therapeutic services. They also include the types of activities and events that allow seniors to lead a life they’ve always dreamt about.

When choosing a community to retire to, make sure they offer a full range of senior medical and therapeutic care along with other personal services, like:

  • Meal plans that offer a wide range of food choices
  • Exercise and wellness programs
  • Beauty and spa services
  • Educational opportunities
  • A wide range of social events
  • Religious services
  • Transportation services

At Calder Woods, we’ll discuss how senior living services are evolving with you and what we are doing to meet the changing needs of our residents. Our independent and assisted living programs come with several personal services and amenities in addition to quality medical and therapeutic care.

How Are Senior Living Services Evolving?

Advances in medical technology and a better understanding of the importance of caring for one’s mental health are changing the way senior living communities care for their residents. New medications and therapies allow seniors to maintain their independence much longer, and communities are adding additional services to improve resident’s lives.

Today’s senior living communities allow seniors to live out their golden years in comfort, surrounded by quality medical care and a variety of personal services and amenities. Together, these services create a better life for seniors and can give their families peace of mind, knowing they are in the best place for their health and well-being.

Take a look at these examples of how senior living services are evolving:

Medical Technologies

One of the biggest advances to aid seniors in living an independent life is wearable medical devices that monitor vitals. Seniors can go about their days without being attached to medical equipment that allow caregivers and RNs to monitor their health. Other newer technologies that can benefit seniors include online video calls so residents can stay connected to friends and family who can’t regularly visit.

Health and Wellness Programs

Holistic healing practices are becoming more popular these days, and senior communities are beginning to incorporate wellness programs. They feature fitness classes, nutritional counseling, cognitive activities, and emotional support groups.

More Focus on Community Engagement

An important aspect of senior’s well-being is increasing their social engagement. Having an active social life is very beneficial to seniors, and facilities are creating more socializing opportunities, like book clubs, philosophical debates, arts and crafts, game nights, dance parties, and other social events.

Person-Centered Care

Another major change in the way senior communities develop care programs is to take a more personalized approach. Care Managers now tailor their programs to the individual and their unique symptoms. When their health changes, so will the type of care they receive without having to leave the community.

Find Essential Services in Senior Living at Calder Woods Today

At Calder Woods, we understand the importance of the evolution of senior living services and work closely with our residents to create a wholesome and fulfilling retirement. Our personalized care programs are ideal for seniors of all activity levels. We have independent and assisted living programs, memory care, respite care, and long-term skilled nursing care available to meet our residents’ needs.

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