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High-Tech Amenities for Today’s Tech-Savvy Seniors

A senior enjoying high-tech senior amenities

Home technology has advanced far since the days of “The Clapper” and call buttons for when you trip and fall. High-tech senior amenities, like portable medical devices and smart home technologies, allow seniors to lead a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle. They make senior care more personalized and less restrictive and allow seniors to control appliances, air conditioning, and other home items without having to get up.

At Calder Woods, we have one and two-bedroom homes, cottages, and suites that come with many high-tech senior amenities. Each of our residential programs includes a number of personal and medical amenities that can benefit your health, emotional well-being, and social life. We have daily activities to mentally stimulate you, nutritious meal plans to fuel your body, and other services to keep you healthy and fit.

To learn more about our senior amenities in senior living, call 409.407.7636 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Amenities in Senior Living

Today‚Äôs senior living communities are not like your parents’ retirement homes. They offer a rich and fulfilling lifestyle with many personal and medical amenities and services. They are for active seniors who want to maintain their independence but be close to other seniors and for those who need daily assistance to maintain their quality of life.

Standard senior amenities that you can expect after moving into a senior community include:

  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Beauty salons and spa services
  • Recreational and educational programs
  • Exercise and wellness programs
  • Planned outings
  • Weekly social events
  • Religious services

Another beneficial senior amenity is nutritional meal plans. Getting enough nutrients and minerals through diet is especially important for seniors who struggle to prepare homemade meals and risk worsening their overall health. Many senior communities come with executive chefs who plan delicious and healthy meals for those who prefer not to cook or are unable to. These meal plans take into account medical and dietary restrictions and can help residents maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of diabetes or malnutrition.

Calder Woods is a full-service senior living community that welcomes Texas seniors of all activity levels. We have several personalized senior amenities to benefit your retirement, like luxury spa treatments, a full beauty salon/barber shop, signature culinary events, and many other services and amenities.

High-Tech Senior Amenities to Improve Your Life

Amenities allow seniors to maintain their independence without risking their health, have a more active social life, and feel more connected with friends and family. In addition to the standard amenities that many senior living communities include, there are other high-tech amenities available to residents. Check out these high-tech senior amenities that can improve senior living:

Smart Home Technology

Voice-activated lights, window blinds, and other home appliances can make it easier for seniors to live independently. There are even smart refrigerators that can monitor the food you have and alert you when you are running low on certain items.

Wearable Medical Devices

Portable medical devices have reduced in size over the years to the point where they are barely noticeable. Smartwatches can monitor vitals, sleep patterns, and heart rates. There are also small, wearable devices to track glucose levels for seniors with diabetes, devices that can monitor their location and devices that alert staff when they fall.

Fitness Apps

Smartphones can be used to monitor fitness levels while seniors exercise. These apps can track heart rates, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. They can also be set up to alert medical staff to an emergency at any time of the day.

Video Calls

Staying connected with family and friends can greatly benefit seniors and those who are not as active can use video conferencing to talk to their loved ones. Video conferencing apps are easy to use and allow seniors to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away.

Check Out Our Senior Amenities Today at Calder Woods

At Calder Woods, we welcome Texas seniors who want to make the most out of their retirement. Our independent and assisted living programs come with a number of high-tech senior amenities along with more traditional ones, like housekeeping and laundry, exercise programs for all activity levels, and quality medical and therapeutic care.

Schedule a visit today by calling 409.407.7636 or using our online contact form to discuss our senior amenities and personalized care programs.