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The Unsung Heroes of Senior Living Services

One of many senior living workers helping a senior

Senior living communities provide a number of beneficial services for seniors so that they can enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. There are a number of senior living workers who make this possible by combining medical and therapeutic care with fun activities, exercise programs, healthy meals, and other services. Together, they create a wholesome and enriching environment where seniors can make the most out of their golden years.

Calder Woods employs a full-time staff of senior living employees, so our residents have everything they need to enjoy their retirement and maintain a certain quality of life. Our care team consists of registered nurses, certified physical, speech, and occupational therapists, memory care specialists, medical technicians, and other staff to see to your physical and mental health. We also employ a full-time culinary team, activities director, in-house chaplain, and a full complement of administrative and executive staff.

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The Importance of Senior Living Workers

To create a safe and healthy environment for seniors, a number of employees are needed to support each resident. The average patient-to-staff ratio for a full-service senior living community depends on the type of care they provide.  Assisted living homes have a higher patient-to-staff ratio (1:15) than memory care (1:10) or independent living (1:5).

The number of employees is also dependent on the types of personal services and amenities they offer. High-end senior living communities, like Calder Woods, employ a number of non-medical staff to help create a better living environment. This can include executive chefs, holistic care workers, housekeeping and cleaning staff, security, transportation, activities director and staff, and personal care service workers.

Together, these unsung heroes work to create a community that offers everything seniors need to live out their lives in comfort without having to worry about access to medical and therapeutic care. Seniors are able to maintain healthier, longer lives while living in a community that promotes wellness and an active lifestyle.

Calder Woods welcomes Texas seniors who want an enriching retirement with all the services, amenities, and medical services at their fingertips. Our senior living workers work together to create an environment that supports senior’s health and vitality with a wide range of fun and engaging activities and essential senior services.

Senior Living Workers

There are many different types of senior living employees that you can find working in a senior living community:

Registered Nurses and Caregivers

This team will work closely with seniors, providing round-the-clock care and personalized assistance that ensures they get the best care possible. They monitor vitals, manage medications, assist with daily living activities, and provide other essential care services.


Seniors who are injured or experience a neurological event need additional care to heal and recover. Senior living communities employ speech, occupational, and physical therapists to help seniors regain their strength, balance, and lost abilities. This allows seniors to live a more comfortable life and maintain their independence much longer.


A major concern for seniors is getting plenty of nutrition. Executive chefs plan healthy meals that kitchen staff will prepare and serve to residents. They can prepare meals based on medical or dietary restrictions as well as make a wide range of meals and snacks to satisfy a variety of tastes.

Administrative Staff

Senior communities will have a full team of assistants and administrators who manage all services and ensure their teams have everything they need to do their jobs, including an executive director or manager, director of nursing, and administrative assistants.

Additional Staff

Depending on the types of personal services and amenities the community offers, other essential employees include an activities director, a chaplain, drivers, fitness and wellness staff, spa and beauty salon workers, instructors, pharmacists, and support staff.

Calder Woods Delivers Beneficial Services in Senior Living

Senior living communities allow seniors to lead a fulfilling retirement with the help of employees whose mission is to support residents in all of their needs. When touring a community, be sure to ask about the staff and personal services and amenities they include.

Calder Woods is a full-service senior living community that delivers quality senior living services to Texas adults. We are a full-service community with independent and assisted living programs, as well as memory care services, long-term skilled nursing care, respite care, and other senior services. Our programs are tailored to each resident and can adapt as their health changes.

To experience what your life can be like at Calder Woods, call 409.407.7636 today or use our online contact form to schedule a tour and meet our dedicated team.