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What Recreational Activities Do We Offer For The Elderly?

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People over 65 have as much need for enriching, enjoyable activities as people of any age. If you are retired or love someone who is in the latter portion of their life, you know that. Recreational programs in senior living communities like Calder Woods have many benefits for residents. When shopping for a senior community or assisted living facility, pay close attention to the senior activity programs offered.

Calder Woods, a Buckner Retirement Services community in Beaumont, TX, offers a well-rounded, enriching lifestyle in a beautiful setting, including a myriad of senior recreation programs. To learn more, give us a call at 409.407.7636 or fill out our online form, and someone will reach out to you promptly.

Benefits of Senior Recreation Programs

Recreational activities can be enjoyed throughout life, regardless of how old you are. You may not want to do the same kinds of things you did as a twenty-year-old, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn, have fun, be creative, and stay active.

Active engagement in senior activity programs provides several important benefits, such as:

  • Improves overall well-being
  • Provides social opportunities
  • Increases and secures mental and emotional health
  • Affects physical wellness
  • Prevents physical and cognitive decline

Your quality of life is directly affected by the activities you engage in on a day-to-day basis. Everyone has a different idea of what is enjoyable and how much to do each day or week. Extroverts may want to do many things a day, while more reserved residents may choose fewer group activities but still stay active by setting up an easel in their space or playing cards with a close friend in the afternoons. At Calder Woods, you’ll find the right balance for you.

Senior Citizen Recreation Programs at Calder Woods

There are countless ways to stay engaged and active when you reside at Calder Woods. Some of our offerings include:

  • Learning and interest groups – Keeping the mind engaged is a lifelong pursuit. Many people want to continue to pursue interests throughout life or even educate themselves about new things that they have not explored before. Now that you are retired, you can expand your horizons. We offer collaborations with local colleges, speakers, and interest groups for people with similar interests such as history, politics, philosophy, or art.
  • Arts and crafts – Creativity has no age limit. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly crafty or artistic, it is really fun to immerse in a creative endeavor for self-expression as well as increased dexterity.
  • Day trips – Outings at Calder Woods occur regularly to provide fun and meaningful engagement in the community. We provide the transportation; you provide the enthusiasm.
  • Clubs and committees – We want our residents to get involved in our communities. Whether it’s on a Calder Woods committee or as an engaged participant in a club, like a book club, film club, knitting club, or birdwatching club, we have plenty of options for our residents to choose from.
  • Fitness – As vital to health and longevity as just about anything else, you can stay fit in a group or solo with a trainer. Whether you seek fresh air and group activity, such as a walking club or water aerobics, or wish to exercise in some other way, fitness options are Calder Woods will keep you vibrant and healthy.
  • Spa treatments – An activity doesn’t have to involve conversation, transportation, or exercise. You can stay refreshed and be pampered with one of our treatments in the Calder Woods on-site spa. Self-care is important at every age.

Learn More About Senior Activity Programs at Calder Woods

Reach out to Calder Woods today to learn about our senior residents’ many recreational programs. Our goal is the well-being of everyone who lives in our senior community, a lovely place that can offer rest and respite as well as excitement and activity. Find your perfect balance at Calder Woods. Learn more by calling 409.407.7636 today or completing our online form.