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What Questions Should You Ask a Senior Living Community?

What Questions Should You Ask a Senior Living Community

If you are looking for a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, there are some senior living FAQs you may ask over the phone. These questions will help you narrow down your choices from the comfort of your kitchen.

How will you sort through all the different options out there? You are probably wondering what questions to ask an assisted living facility. At Calder Woods, we love it when prospective residents reach out to us by phone or email with their list of questions. It is important that our prospective residents feel well-informed and secure in their decision regarding senior living communities. Give us a call today to ask us about our gorgeous facility in Beaumont, TX, and all the amenities and services available. Our number is 409.407.7636. You can also fill out our online form, and someone will reach out to you promptly.

Questions to Ask a Senior Living Community

When shopping around for the just-right senior living community, get answers to some critical questions before setting up an appointment to tour the facility in person. You can learn a lot from the answers you receive, which will help you narrow down your options before stage two of the process.

Below are some FAQs that you can ask over the phone.

What Are the Living Arrangements Like?

Loving your accommodations is fundamental to your happiness in a senior community. You can see photos on the website and ask about layouts, privacy, and accessibility. Will people be checking on your wellbeing? Can you bring your own furnishings and belongings? What are the amenities? What is included in your base fee? The answers can help you make the decision.

What Training, Licenses, and Other Qualifications Do Staff Have?

It’s important to ask about licensure, professional development, and the longevity of the staff. Also, find out about background checks.

How Many Opportunities, Classes, and Activities Are Available, and What Are They?

One of the benefits of a senior community is having easy access to things that interest and engage you. Are there lectures, classes, or field trips? If so, how often? Are there fun activities that you may like, such as mah-jongg, nature walks, book clubs, or knitting circles? What about a fitness center or personal trainers?

Can You Talk with Others who Live in the Community?

Getting one-on-one feedback from other residents about the community is a good idea. Don’t just talk to the people hand-picked by the management. Ask if you’ll be able to walk around and meet people when you come for a visit.

Is There Transportation Readily Available to Residents?

You want to know you can access the things you enjoy away from the community. Do they have a regular shuttle that goes to specified locations or neighborhoods? Are there options for specific transportation needs, such as medical appointments or religious services, and the fees? Are there special outings on the calendar, such as restaurant or museum trips?

How Is the Food?

Nutrition and health go hand in hand. Be sure to ask about the food. For example, are there numerous menu options? Are there skilled chefs on staff? What is the quality of the ingredients? Is there a commitment to provide some organic options? Is there a staff nutritionist?

What Safety Protocols Are in Place?

Safety for senior living is fundamental to quality of life. If you know you are looked after and secure, you will worry less and thrive. Some items to discuss include whether there are call strings or buttons in every room. Are bathrooms equipped with safety rails and other items to reduce the risk of falls? Is there a nightly routine for checking people? If not, can such check-ins be requested? How does the management know who is on-site and accounted for? What happens if there is a medical emergency? Are there regular fire and safety drills?

What Kind of Medical Care Is Available in the Community?

Medical needs are one of the most common reasons for seeking senior living communities. Therefore, ask questions such as, are there therapies available such as occupational and physical? Is there someone on staff to help with medication management? What about supporting chronic conditions? Is there a continuum of care should your medical needs change in the future?

Making the Decision

There is legwork to be done, it’s true. There are multiple steps as part of the journey toward independent, safe, community living for your golden years, including:

  • Making use of a senior living resource guide
  • Placing phone calls
  • Conducting interviews with senior living staff
  • Accessing reliable reviews
  • Finding time for an on-site tour

Don’t let the process overwhelm you. Our Calder Woods staff is glad to help you sort through your list of pros and cons.

Be sure to ask the tough questions. You will not regret it. Your quality of life depends on making a big decision. Why not base it on as much data as possible, as well as how you feel in your heart and gut? Give yourself the time you need to think and feel your way to the best choice for you.

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Calder Woods offers luxury accommodations in a beautiful setting. Our many offerings and skilled, experienced staff can meet your wants and needs. If you are interested in senior living residences in Beaumont, TX, and the vicinity, reach out today and ask us your toughest questions. We promise to provide you with as much information as you need to make your decision. Call 409.407.7636 or simply complete our online form.