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How Social Connections Keep Seniors Healthy

Seniors taking break from card game to take selfie, celebrating their social connections

Staying socially connected is increasingly important not just for our emotional well-being but for our physical health as well. Human beings are social creatures, and social connections help keep us physically and mentally healthy and even reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease or stroke. For seniors specifically, social connections have been linked to lower rates of depression and improved cognitive functioning.

Group outings are an essential part of many senior programs as they provide seniors with the opportunity for low-pressure connection and socialization. These outings can range from visiting a nearby park or museum, attending a local festival or fair, or simply going out for coffee or lunch together. By interacting with others and going on short trips with friends, seniors can increase their physical activity, boost their mood and energy, and continue living fruitful lives deep into their golden years. If you would like more information on the importance of group outings and senior recreation, please contact our team of experts today at 409.407.7636.

Benefits of Social Connections for Seniors

Staying connected and social is a crucial aspect of being healthy—no matter your age. Seniors are especially prone to the health risks posed by isolation, which makes community extremely important. Here are some of the main benefits of maintaining social interaction for seniors:

Create Healthier Lifestyle Habits

Having strong social connections also contributes to healthier lifestyle habits, like exercising regularly and eating nutritious foods. Studies have demonstrated that people who are more socially connected tend to exercise more often and eat healthier diets than those who are disconnected from their peers. Having close relationships gives us a sense of purpose and direction in life; it’s easier to take care of ourselves when we know that others care about us too.

Boost Immunity

Staying socially connected also helps boost our immunity against diseases due to the release of endorphins during interactions with loved ones—these endorphins have been shown to reduce stress hormones in the body, leading to better overall health and resilience against illnesses.

Improve Mental Health and Positivity

Additionally, having close relationships often leads people to make better decisions about their physical health; for instance, individuals who are in good relationships may be more likely to seek early medical attention if they feel ill or receive preventive screenings if recommended by their doctor.

How Seniors Can Stay Connected

There are a variety of ways that seniors can stay connected with friends and the community they live with:

  • Volunteering – One way seniors can stay socially connected is through volunteering. By helping others in need, seniors can build meaningful interpersonal connections while also contributing to a cause they believe in.
  • Join social groups – Other things that seniors can do to stay connected include joining social groups such as book clubs or support groups. These groups consist of fun, lighthearted gatherings of people with similar interests. Meeting people who enjoy similar books, movies, or sports can be a great way to socialize and create lasting connections.
  • Attend community events – Seniors can benefit immensely from participating in community events such as social clubs, classes, markets, and other activities. These types of events provide an excellent opportunity for seniors to interact with others and make meaningful connections within their communities.

Encouraging Community For Seniors at Calder Woods

For seniors, feeling isolated or alone can be especially challenging and may increase the risk of cognitive decline over time. Therefore it’s important for seniors—both those living independently and those receiving care—to find ways to maintain meaningful social relationships so they can maintain good mental and physical health throughout their golden years.

At Calder Woods, our team understands the importance of community. We strive to enable our residents to lead a fulfilling and social lifestyle where they can enjoy the company of great friends. If you would like more information on our senior activity programs, please reach out to our team today by giving us a call at 409.407.7636.