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How Outdoor Amenities Contribute to Senior Health

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How do outdoor amenities contribute to senior health? Spending time outdoors can be very relaxing, and when the weather is nice, seniors can enjoy several outdoor amenities and activities. The sun is a natural source of Vitamin D, and doing fun and stimulating activities outside, like gardening, bird watching, or having a picnic, can do a lot for senior’s mental health and overall well-being.

Calder Woods welcomes Texas seniors who are looking for a full-service senior living community to call home. Our independent and assisted living programs come with a number of personal amenities, along with delicious meal plans, wellness programs, social events, game nights, and other fun activities to give you an enriching retirement.

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Outdoor Amenities and Senior Health

Spending time outdoors with friends, a pet, or simply by yourself with a good book can do a lot for your overall health. With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, many senior living communities will start planning activities outdoors so that residents can enjoy the sunshine and other benefits of being active outdoors.

There are plenty of outdoor amenities that can have a big impact on senior health. Take a walk with friends to give your body an easy workout while talking about a wide range of subjects. Enjoy a picnic outside and then collect items to build a nature collage. Gather your book club and talk about the latest books you’ve read outside, sitting under the shade of a large tree.

These and other outdoor activities can improve your mental health, decrease fatigue and isolation, increase social interaction, and give seniors something to look forward to during the summer.

Calder Woods is a full-service senior living community that delivers a fulfilling retirement for seniors of all activity levels. Our outdoor amenities contribute to senior health and can slow the progress of some age-related decline, allowing seniors to live longer, fuller lives.

How Can Outdoor Amenities Contribute to Senior Health?

There are a lot of health benefits to being outside. The sun gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and walking barefoot in the grass can reduce inflammation, improve your sleeping habits, and generally improve your mental well-being. For seniors, there are plenty of things they can do outdoors.

Here are just some of the senior outdoor amenities that can contribute to their health and well-being:

  • Gardening – This activity can be very therapeutic for those who love the outdoors. It works your joints and can improve flexibility and hand strength. Tending to a garden allows seniors to build a routine and gives them something to look forward to each day.
  • Nature walks – Walking outside is a great cardiovascular workout for seniors and doing it with friends makes this a great social opportunity as well. While you are out, gather items to build a nature collage, take a break and watch the birds, or read a book. There are plenty of things to do while you are out for a brisk walk.
  • Picnics – On warm, sunny days, it’s a great idea to spend it in the park with friends or family. Pack a healthy lunch and snacks and a comfy blanket, and spend the day relaxing, socializing, and enjoying the sun on your face. Vitamin D can boost your immune system, strengthen bones, and ease muscle movement.
  • Outdoor events – Another great socializing opportunity for seniors during the summer is going to an outdoor concert, play, or social gathering. Memorial Day and July 4th holidays typically have many outdoor events that seniors can enjoy during the day and evening.
  • Outdoor markets – Food markets are very popular in Texas and are a great source of natural foods from local farmers. You can support the local community while socializing with friends, making new connections, and buying fresh foods to make a delicious meal for yourself or a group.

All of these outdoor amenities go a long way toward contributing to seniors’ health. They get a great social experience, keep their minds active, and do some of their favorite activities, like fishing, hiking, bike riding, and other outdoor exercises.

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