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5 Health and Wellness Activities for Seniors

group of seniors outside exercising and learning 5 health and wellness activities for seniors

One of the top ways to support your longevity is by participating in health and wellness activities. If you are a senior, you may think your days of being active are behind you, but it is possible to enjoy many of the same activities you did in your younger years. You may even find new health and wellness activities that can help keep you fit for years to come.

Buckner Calder Woods is dedicated to helping our residents enjoy a healthy, happy senior lifestyle. We realize the importance of staying active throughout your life, so we offer an array of engaging in-person and virtual health and wellness activities. Call us today at 409.407.7636 to learn more about our activity schedule and the types of amenities we provide to support senior health and wellness.

The Importance of Staying Active in Your Senior Years

There are many benefits to staying active as you get older. Whether through a structured exercise class or an active hobby, engaging in physical activity can help improve your mood, strengthen your immune system, and reduce stress levels. Staying active also boosts your energy and can help extend your lifespan.

5 Health and Wellness Activities for Seniors to Try

Below you will find a list of five health and wellness activities that are great for helping seniors stay healthy and active. Some are traditional senior activities, while others may be new to you.

1. Gardening

Gardening is one of the most popular senior activities as it is an easy way to get outside, move your body, and feel productive. Gardening works many muscle groups to keep you feeling strong and gets you outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. You can use gardening to relax your mind while you get plenty of exercise from digging, weeding, raking, and carrying heavy items.

2. Tai Chi

Tai chi, a gentle form of martial arts, can help you relax and reduce stress. If you have limited mobility, this mild exercise may be just what you need to stay active without the potential for injury. Tai Chi has been shown to improve balance and flexibility in older adults. It can also help with posture and prevent falls, making it one of the best exercises for senior wellness.

3. Walking

Walking can help you stay healthy and keep your mind sharp as you age. Walking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. It is also a free activity that you can do anywhere, anytime.

4. Chair Exercise Classes

Chair exercise classes are usually low impact and perfect for seniors with limited mobility. Anyone can participate in chair exercise classes, making it ideal for older adults. Chair exercises work various muscle groups to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. You can even try chair yoga to reap yoga’s benefits without having to get down on the floor.

5. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent activity for seniors because it can improve flexibility, strength, and balance. These benefits are essential for aging adults who might be losing muscle mass, increasing their risk of falls or injuries. Yoga can also help you relax and sleep better, alleviating anxiety and depression. You may worry that you are not flexible enough to practice yoga, but classes designed especially for seniors make this exercise accessible for all fitness levels. It is also one of the top virtual fitness activities for seniors since you can find many online yoga classes to match your needs.

Enjoy Fun Health and Wellness Activities for Seniors at Buckner Calder Woods

Although aging is a natural part of life, there are many things you can do to help yourself stay healthy and active throughout your senior years. Buckner Calder Woods wants to ensure that our residents have a variety of engaging activities to stimulate their minds and bodies for optimal health and longevity. Reach out to us at 409.407.7636 to learn more about the health and wellness activities we provide at our upscale Texas senior community.