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What Does Respite Care for Seniors Entail?

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Even the most loving and compassionate family member must take a break from full-time senior care. You cannot continue to give if your reserves are depleted. Respite care for seniors is a blessing for families who provide all or much of the care for their aging loved ones. Perhaps you support the needs of a senior who lives with a disabling condition or chronic illness or someone who simply needs regular support due to frailty, forgetfulness, or depression. In such cases, senior respite care can help you recharge.

Supporting loved ones, helping them maintain a good quality of life and mental health, and offering them the compassionate care they need are meaningful and rewarding. However, it can also take a toll. Contact Calder Woods for more information if you are looking for respite care services in or near Beaumont, TX. Our online form will connect you, or you can dial 409.407.7636. We can answer your questions and explain all the available respite care options.

When Do You Need Respite Care for Seniors?

There are a number of circumstances that might call for respite care for your senior loved one. For example:

  • When a caregiver is going away – Do you have a family wedding coming up or a long-awaited trip? Are you worried about who will assume care for your aging parent? Respite care is ideal in this situation.
  • You need a break – It is okay to seek respite care when you simply need to refuel so you can return to caregiving with renewed energy and resilience.
  • The level of care required increases temporarily – Has your loved one been recovering from a medical setback or just had a recent hospitalization due to surgery or illness? If so, the support needed may be beyond your skill level or comfort zone. Respite care will bridge this time period until you can step in again.
  • To offer socialization options – Some people regularly access respite care in a senior living community. This option offers the opportunity to have social interactions and develop relationships outside the family caregiver.

Finally, your aging loved one may be considering a move to a senior living community. Temporary respite care is one way to see if this is a good option. If you and your loved one think you might be interested in Calder Woods, accessing respite care for a set time may be just the perfect way to see if it’s a fit.

What Is Respite Care for Seniors?

When you access respite care, your loved one will experience professional services that are compassionate, warm, and personal. The well-being, health, and comfort of everyone in respite care are paramount to the staff of reputable respite care communities.

The staff will do the following:

  • Monitor medications
  • Follow routines to minimize resident disorientation
  • Be readily accessible when needed
  • Provide connection, compassion, and conversation
  • Assist with the tasks of daily living (bathing, toileting, eating, dressing, grooming, transferring)
  • Provide access to social opportunities
  • Make activities of interest, fresh air, and exercise available as desired and appropriate

When you need a break, and your loved one needs extra care, Calder Woods is here to help. Our respite care services ensure the senior in your life receives the support they need while you take care of yourself.

A Way to Experience Senior Living Services

Respite care can be a great way for seniors to experience senior living before making a commitment. It helps them become familiar with the lifestyle and activity choices available in an assisted living community. Knowing what to expect is key when considering a move from one’s home to senior living. In addition, it provides relief for family members who are providing the majority of care at home.

Choosing a community that puts your loved one’s values and lifestyle first is one of the most important decisions you will make. Calder Woods offers individualized and person-centered care, as well as unparalleled amenities that meet our residents’ needs in a comfortable, safe environment.

Call Calder Woods to Start Respite Care Services

Your needs matter. Respite care can temporarily relieve some of the burdens of caregiving. No matter how much love there is, supporting seniors can be draining over time. Reduce stress, regain energy, and achieve balance by taking a break. Your senior loved one will enjoy the break, too, as they meet new people and experience new routines. Find out more about respite care near Beaumont, TX. Contact Calder Woods today to enroll by calling 409.407.7636 or using our online form.