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Top 12 Senior Living Frequently Asked Questions

elderly woman gathering flowers outside senior living home where the top 12 senior living frequently asked questions are answered

There is a lot to consider when finding the right senior living community. There are many different types of communities out there, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. You can choose from independent living, assisted living, and memory care, just to name a few. To make things even more complicated, there are also many questions you need to ask yourself before making your final decision. Here, you will find a list of senior living frequently asked questions to help you better understand the process of selecting the right senior community.

At Buckner Calder Woods, we understand that choosing a senior living home can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the different types of communities. Reach out to us at 409.407.7636 with any questions you have about your senior living options. We are always happy to help guide you as you make this important decision.

Senior Living Frequently Asked Questions

This list of senior living FAQs is a great start for helping you consider your needs for your new senior home. Feel free to add questions as they arise during your search, so you will be prepared when reaching out to your senior communities of choice.

1. What Is Independent Living?

An independent living community is designed for seniors who can live on their own but want to be in a community of their peers and enjoy amenities like housekeeping and landscaping services.

2. What Is Assisted Living?

An assisted living community provides additional services for seniors who need help with activities of daily living (ADLs). These may include bathing, dressing, and eating.

3. What Is Memory Care?

A memory care facility is a more secure environment specially designed for seniors living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. These facilities include additional security features, around-the-clock monitoring, and floor plans that are more accommodating to people with memory loss.

4. What Happens if Your Needs Change and You Need a Higher Level of Care?

You may need to relocate to a community that offers the services you need. However, if you join a senior living community that provides a full continuum of care, you will be able to remain there as your needs change.

5. How Much Does Senior Living Cost?

The cost of senior living varies significantly depending on location and the level of care needed. It is best to reach out to the communities you are most interested in to get an estimate of the costs involved.

6. What Amenities Are Included?

The amenities differ based on the senior living community, but most communities tend to include dining services, housekeeping, landscaping, and recreational activities.

7. What Types of Activities Are Available?

Each community has its own itinerary, but you will likely find games, movies, sports, educational classes, and clubs.

8. Are Senior Living Communities Pet-Friendly?

Each community has its own pet policy, so be sure to ask before narrowing down your choices to ensure you can bring your four-legged friend along with you.

9. What Are the Dining Options?

Most senior living communities have a dining room, but others may also offer lounges, cafes, and coffee shops.

10. Are Dietary Restrictions Accommodated?

Senior living facilities understand that their residents have different dietary restrictions to support their overall health. You will likely find options suitable for those needing low sugar, low fat, low salt, gluten-free, or vegetarian meals.

11. Is Transportation Available?

The majority of senior living communities offer transportation services for residents who no longer drive.

12. Are Medical Services Provided?

Many senior living communities have medical professionals on-site or who visit as needed to assist residents, particularly in those offering assisted living, memory care, or long-term care services.

Find Answers to Senior Living FAQs at Buckner Calder Woods

At Buckner Calder Woods, we understand that you may have many questions and concerns while searching for the right senior living home. We make your choice easy by offering a full continuum of care at our beautifully landscaped luxury senior living community. Reach out to us today at 409.407.7636 to schedule a tour and find answers to all of your senior living questions.