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Short-Term Care for Seniors in Texas

young woman explaining to a senior loved one about short-term care for seniors in Texas

Finding short-term care in Texas can help senior adults in many ways. Why should you retire in Beaumont, Texas? Beaumont is a beautiful place to live and home to the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Musem, which can give you a unique look at life back in the 1900s. The city is also known for its southern cuisine and world-class BBQ, Cajun, and Tex-Mex dining options1.

At Calder Woods, our community supports Texas seniors who need temporary support to recover from surgery or an illness or when their at-home caregivers need time off. In addition to our full-time residents, seniors who still want to live at home but need additional care can enroll in one of our short-term care programs. You will enjoy all of the amenities and services that our full-time residents enjoy for a few hours a day or several weeks so you can fully recover in a safe and healing environment.

If you want to learn more about our respite care services in Texas, please call 409.407.7636 today to speak with our compassionate team.

Why Do You Need Short-Term Care in TX?

Short-term care programs are perfect for seniors who are still fully independent or have a part-time at-home caregiver and who need additional care for a short time. Depending on the recovery time, these programs are available for a few hours a day, multi-day stays, or several weeks.

Some of the common reasons seniors need short-term care include:

  • Recovering from an illness or injury
  • Seasonal stays
  • Giving caregivers time off (respite care)
  • Physical or occupational rehabilitation
  • Seeing what life is like in a senior living community

Finding short-term care in TX becomes necessary whenever their spouse or caregiver is no longer able to provide adequate care.

What Is Respite Care?

How can enrolling in respite care in TX help? Respite care allows full-time at-home caregivers to take time off without sacrificing the quality of care for their patients. Sometimes, caregivers need to take time off for personal reasons, like a vacation, running errands, caring for family members, or taking a mental health break.

A respite care program gives seniors the same type of care provided by their personal caregiver in a safe and comfortable space so their caregiver can take time off without sacrificing the level of care.

Calder Woods is a full-service senior living community that delivers short-term care programs for seniors who need extra care and attention. We can work with you and your loved ones to develop a comprehensive care plan to address any physical and mental health care needs.

The Benefits of Short-Term Care in Texas

Here are some of the benefits of respite and short-term care in Texas:

Respite care benefits caregivers and seniors who are under their care, including:

  • Guilt-free time off for caregivers
  • Seniors can enjoy socializing with other short-term and full-time residents
  • Eases stress for families who worry about their parent’s care
  • Improved mental and physical health through a variety of senior-friendly activities

Short-term care is for seniors who fall, are in an accident, or are recovering from surgery or an illness. During their stay, they will experience:

  • Professional care from a full-time staff of medical techs, skilled nurses, and training therapists
  • More opportunities to socialize with other seniors and staff
  • Nutritious meal plans that consider dietary and medical restrictions
  • Assistance with daily living activities
  • A faster recovery time
  • What life is like at a senior living community

Finding a TX short-term care facility can significantly benefit seniors and their caregivers and ensure they are well taken care of, regardless of the type of temporary care they need.

Enroll Today at Calder Woods’ Respite Care Services in Texas

Calder Woods is off Calder Avenue, just west of Dowlen Road, next to the Oak Springs Shopping Mall. We welcome Texas seniors needing temporary support or looking for a new home to enjoy their golden years.

To discover the benefits of our TX short-term care programs, reach out online or call 409.407.7636 today to schedule a tour and meet our dedicated team.

1Beaumont Convention & Visitor Bureau – “11 Favorite Foodie Places to Eat in Beaumont”