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How to Talk to a Senior Parent About Assisted Living

young woman seated on couch with her mother as she explores how to talk to senior parent about assisted living

Assisted living is a term that can be confusing for older adults and their families as it is sometimes used interchangeably with other types of senior living options. For many seniors who need a little extra help with daily tasks like bathing and dressing, assisted living may be the best choice. However, convincing seniors to go to assisted living may be a challenge. Talking to aging parents about assisted living can help improve their quality of life.

When you choose Calder Woods, your parents will enjoy a wide array of amenities in a beautiful location. We offer a full continuum of care, a friendly staff, and high-quality dining options. Contact us today at 409.407.7636 if you need advice on how to talk to your senior parents about senior assisted living services.

The Importance of Talking with Parents About Assisted Living

For many seniors, assisted living might be a great option. However, some older adults hesitate to move into an assisted living facility. This can create some stress and tension, especially if they require daily assistance but do not have someone in their life who can provide it.

Loved ones may feel guilty that they cannot provide frequent help for their aging parents, but understandably, you may still need to work a full-time job, care for your own children or grandchildren, and look after your own health. It also may be challenging if you do not live close to your parents and must frequently commute to help them out. Instead of continuing to deal with feelings of guilt or frustration, learn how to discuss assisted living with parents so that you can help them have the best quality of life without burning yourself out.

How to Discuss Assisted Living with Parents

If you are unsure how to talk to the seniors in your life about going into an assisted living facility, here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Consider the timing of your conversation. If you are trying to rush your parents into making a decision, they may be more likely to feel anxious or emotional. Choose a time to have the discussion when you feel calm and allow them time to think it over before pressing them to agree.
  • Set clear goals for having your parents move into assisted living. The best way to help your parents see how assisted living will benefit them is by considering what they want to accomplish in their senior years. Help them see how assisted living can allow them to enjoy the activities they love most in the company of their peers.
  • Show empathy. Letting your parents know that you understand their feelings about moving into senior living can help you have a more meaningful conversation with them. They will feel more understood and less like you are trying to force them into a different living situation.
  • Gather useful information about assisted living. Share articles or statistics with your parents that show how assisted living can improve their quality of life. You may even be able to find resident testimonials for the assisted living facility you are considering.

Knowing how to talk to your senior parents about assisted living will help make the discussion more productive and less stressful. Try to bring up the subject before the need becomes urgent so neither party feels rushed or pressured to make a quick decision.

The Benefits of Talking to Aging Parents about Assisted Living

While it may be challenging to bring up the topic of assisted living, having an open and honest conversation with your aging parents can have numerous benefits:

  • You can learn about their preferences and concerns. By talking with your parents about assisted living, you will gain insight into what they value most in a living situation and any potential reservations they may have.
  • It creates an opportunity to address potential issues early on. By discussing assisted living before it becomes a necessity, you and your parents can make a plan that accommodates their needs and desires.
  • It fosters trust between family members. Talking about sensitive topics like senior living can be challenging, but approaching the conversation with empathy and understanding will help build trust between you and your parents.

Initiating a conversation about assisted living is not just about finding the best care for your aging parents but also about understanding their needs, mitigating potential issues, and strengthening familial bonds during this significant transition in their lives.

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It may not be easy talking to aging parents about assisted living because they might have a negative perception of what this senior living option is all about. We are here to help you have that conversation.

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