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3 Benefits of Assisted Living for Your Loved One

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When it is time to consider Senior Living options for a parent, grandparent, or other senior in your life, you need to understand the differences between each type. Seniors require different levels of care to provide them with the best quality of life, so you need to think about your loved one’s current and future needs. An Assisted Living program provides the right blend of independence and assistance for many seniors. Could your loved one have all their needs met by an Assisted Living facility? Keep reading to learn more about Assisted Living and the benefits of this Senior Living option.

At Buckner Calder Woods, we know that you want the best for the senior in your life. Our Assisted Living program provides the most comfortable setting for seniors who need a little assistance with daily living tasks. Call us today at 409.407.7636 to learn more about our Senior Living options and schedule a tour of our upscale community.

What Is Assisted Living?

Many seniors start with Independent Living but find that their needs change as the years go on. The next step is often Assisted Living. An Assisted Living facility provides a higher level of care than an Independent Living Community but is less intensive than Skilled Nursing or Memory Care. If your loved one needs a little extra help, Assisted Living may be the right fit.

So, what is Assisted Living, and is it right for your loved one? An Assisted Living facility:

  • Has staff available 24/7 to support the residents
  • Provides help with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Monitors medication
  • Provides daily meals
  • Manages housekeeping and laundry responsibilities
  • Offers activities on-site
  • May assist with some medical needs
  • May provide transportation services

If you are unsure if Assisted Living is the right level of care for your loved one, you can reach out to different Assisted Living facilities to ask about their requirements. They may conduct an assessment to determine if their Assisted Living program is suitable for the senior in your life.

3 Benefits of Assisted Living for a Loved One

Some seniors prefer aging in place, which simply means remaining in their homes. This is understandable since they are most comfortable there. But when a senior begins to require daily assistance, aging in place may not be practical. Unless they have someone living in their home who can help them with activities of daily living, they may find a better quality of life in Assisted Living.

Here are three benefits of Assisted Living to consider when choosing the best Senior Living option for your loved one:

  1. Assisted Living offers the highest level of independence while also providing daily assistance. The Assisted Living experience is designed to feel as close to a home-like environment as possible.
  2. Assisted Living provides peace of mind for seniors and their families. With staff available around the clock, you can rest easy knowing that your beloved senior will always have the help they need when they need it.
  3. Assisted Living facilities provide plenty of opportunities for social interaction. Isolation and loneliness tend to be a problem for people as they age, which can impact seniors’ physical and mental health. By staying engaged in activities and connecting with their peers and the staff, seniors residing in an Assisted Living facility can enjoy optimal health.

If you think Assisted Living may be the just-right option for your senior, start researching facilities to explore pricing and amenities to help you narrow down your choices further.

Buckner Calder Woods Offers High-Quality Living for Your Loved One

Your parent or other senior in your life deserves to enjoy the best Assisted Living Community we can offer. Buckner Calder Woods is sure to live up to your high standards with a professional staff, immaculate landscaping, and an array of activities and entertainment to meet all of your senior’s needs. Call us today at 409.407.7636 to learn more about our Assisted Living program and schedule a virtual or in-person tour so you can see what makes Buckner Calder Woods stand apart from the rest.